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What is Opioid-Free Anesthesia (Exparel)?

In the realm of modern dentistry, the focus has shifted towards innovative solutions that prioritize patient well-being and comfort. Los Robles Oral Surgery, nestled in the tranquil town of Los Gatos, CA, spearheads this movement by offering cutting-edge opioid-free anesthesia, specifically utilizing Exparel. Under the guidance of Dr. Roger Lau, our esteemed oral surgeon, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care that minimizes discomfort and reduces the need for opioids, revolutionizing the landscape of dental procedures.

Opioid-free anesthesia, particularly utilizing Exparel, is a groundbreaking approach that redefines the way we manage postoperative pain after dental procedures. Exparel is a long-acting, non-opioid local anesthetic that provides extended pain relief for up to 72 hours after surgery. Unlike traditional opioids, which carry the risk of dependence, addiction, and unwanted side effects, Exparel offers a safe and effective alternative, ensuring patients experience minimal pain while avoiding the drawbacks associated with opioids.

At Los Robles Oral Surgery, we recognize the importance of providing our patients with a pain management solution that aligns with modern healthcare practices. By incorporating Exparel into our anesthesia protocols, we strive to offer a superior level of comfort while promoting a safer and healthier recovery process.

Why Los Robles Oral Surgery in Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Roger Lau's Expertise: Led by the experienced hands of Dr. Roger Lau, Los Robles Oral Surgery boasts a strong reputation for providing exceptional care. Dr. Lau's vast experience in oral surgery and commitment to staying at the forefront of innovative techniques ensures that your dental procedure will be performed with the utmost skill and precision.

Prioritizing Patient Well-Being: Your well-being is our top priority. Our commitment to offering opioid-free anesthesia, such as Exparel, showcases our dedication to providing the safest and most effective pain management options available. By minimizing the need for opioids, we contribute to the overall health and recovery of our patients.

Customized Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient's needs are unique. Our team designs personalized treatment plans that consider your medical history, procedure complexity, and pain tolerance. Exparel allows us to tailor pain management to your specific requirements, ensuring you experience minimal discomfort throughout your recovery.

Reduced Risk of Opioid Dependence: The opioid epidemic is a growing concern in healthcare. By opting for opioid-free anesthesia with Exparel, you're actively participating in reducing the risk of opioid dependence and related complications. This choice aligns with our commitment to responsible and compassionate patient care.

Extended Pain Relief: Exparel's long-acting nature means you can enjoy extended pain relief without the need for frequent medication. This not only promotes a more comfortable recovery but also eliminates the inconvenience of adhering to a strict medication schedule.

Enhanced Recovery Experience: Our utilization of Exparel isn't just about pain management—it's about ensuring a smoother recovery journey. By minimizing postoperative discomfort, we aim to help you get back to your daily activities sooner, without the burden of intense pain.

Expert Support and Guidance: We believe in transparency and open communication. Before your procedure, we will thoroughly discuss the benefits and expectations of Exparel-based anesthesia, addressing any concerns you may have. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and well-informed about your pain management plan.

Los Robles Oral Surgery, nestled in Los Gatos, CA, under the guidance of Dr. Roger Lau, is committed to providing a dental experience that goes beyond expectations. Our embrace of opioid-free anesthesia, utilizing Exparel, highlights our dedication to progressive and compassionate care. By choosing us, you're choosing a pain management approach that prioritizes your safety, comfort, and overall well-being. Let us be your partners in transforming your dental procedure into a positive and pain-free experience.

Opioid Free Anesthesia (Exparel) in Los Gatos, CA - Los Robles Oral Surgery

Opioid Free Anesthesia (Exparel) in Los Gatos, CA


Our opioid-free anesthesia using Exparel offers a safer and more effective pain management solution after oral surgeries, promoting faster recovery and reducing the need for traditional opioid medications.

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