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What is Bone Grafting?

A strong foundation is essential for any structure, including your teeth and jawbone. When bone loss occurs due to factors such as tooth extraction, trauma, or periodontal disease, it can impact your oral health and overall well-being. At Los Robles Oral Surgery, nestled in the picturesque town of Los Gatos, CA, we recognize the significance of maintaining optimal bone health. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Roger Lau, our esteemed oral surgeon, we offer bone grafting, a transformative procedure that restores bone integrity and supports various dental treatments.

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves the transplantation of bone or bone-like materials to an area with insufficient bone volume. This procedure aims to stimulate new bone growth and promote bone regeneration. Bone grafts can be sourced from various materials, including your own bone, donor bone, synthetic materials, or a combination of these. Bone grafting is commonly performed to prepare the jawbone for dental implant placement, enhance the stability of dentures, repair bone defects, and support other oral surgeries.

Why Los Robles Oral Surgery in Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Roger Lau's Expertise: Los Robles Oral Surgery is led by Dr. Roger Lau, a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with extensive knowledge of bone grafting techniques. Dr. Lau's expertise ensures that your bone grafting procedure is conducted with precision and care, resulting in optimal bone regeneration and successful dental treatments.

Comprehensive Assessment: Bone health varies among individuals, and our team conducts a thorough assessment to determine the extent of bone loss and the most suitable bone grafting approach for your specific needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient's case is unique. Our team tailors a customized treatment plan that addresses your bone loss and supports your overall oral health goals.

Restoring Bone Volume: Insufficient bone volume can lead to dental problems and impact your facial aesthetics. Our bone grafting procedures enhance bone volume, providing a strong foundation for dental implant placement, denture support, and other treatments.

Successful Dental Implant Placement: Dental implants require a solid and healthy bone structure for successful integration. Our bone grafting procedures ensure that your jawbone is ready to support dental implants, resulting in long-lasting implant success.

Advanced Techniques and Equipment: Our practice stays at the forefront of dental technology. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your bone grafting procedure is conducted with the highest level of precision and efficiency.

Collaborative Approach: Bone grafting often involves collaboration between oral surgeons, restorative dentists, and other dental specialists. Our team collaborates closely to ensure that every aspect of your bone grafting procedure is well-coordinated and optimized for success.

Holistic Oral Care: We consider your oral health as an integral part of your overall well-being. Our bone grafting procedures reflect our commitment to holistic care that improves your oral health and quality of life.

Transparent Communication: We believe in open and transparent communication with our patients. Before proceeding with bone grafting, we will explain the procedure, discuss potential outcomes, and address any questions you have, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your care.

Patient-Centric Focus: Your comfort, well-being, and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our patient-centric approach ensures that your bone grafting journey is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Los Robles Oral Surgery, situated in Los Gatos, CA, under the guidance of Dr. Roger Lau, is dedicated to providing expert bone grafting services that restore bone health and functionality. Our expertise, comprehensive approach, and commitment to utilizing advanced techniques make us the ideal choice for addressing bone loss and preparing for dental treatments. By choosing us, you're selecting a dental practice that combines skill, compassion, and innovation to provide you with a positive and transformative bone grafting experience. Rebuild your foundation of oral health with bone grafting at Los Robles Oral Surgery.

Bone Grafting in Los Gatos, CA - Los Robles Oral Surgery

Bone Grafting in Los Gatos, CA


Bone grafting restores bone volume in areas of deficiency, creating a solid foundation for dental implants and supporting various oral procedures.

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